Below you will find our list of references for your convenience. Top in her class- Expert in Eskie’s

As a seller, all I can say is she is most honest- about her breeding crew- Casper and his girls. I have only owned American Eskimo’s and this breeder knows her job. As a breeder- she is most caring with her newborns- like another mom. The care she delivers must be rated A++. The pups she sells are of the pure American Eskimo standards which lovers of the Eskie- know these facts. I purchased two Eskie’s from this breeder- and they are the most perfect Eskie’s Ive ever had.Rasputin and Amelia(picks on her site)Housetrained by 8 weeks and totaly trained as class A citizen by 8 months. Since I am limited to 1000 characters- I will say- If you are in the market for a perfect Eskie or Eskie’s don’t waste time- her beautiful pups go very fast. Everything she states on her site and is 100% the truth. I will never seek another breeder again. I traveled over 400 miles for two of her babies- bundles of joy. E-Mail for more info if need be.


Angelous McSweeney 


We purchased our American Eskimo puppy from Jenny McDermott of Casper’s Ghostly Manor two years ago.

Before selecting our dog at Casper’s Ghostly Manor, we had researched online for many hours trying to find a reputable breeder of American Eskimos. Most of the sites we located were for puppies located in the Midwest that would not allow you to personally pick up your dog as they wanted to ship them and would not allow you to visit the parents on site (am guessing that most of them were puppy mills). We feel truly fortunate in finding a caring and genuine breeder of American Eskimos with Jenny.

Whenever we had a question about the breeding process or procedure, Jenny always returned our email requests and phone calls and answered all of our questions promptly.

Jenny kept us updated frequently on the progress of the mother’s condition before and after the birth of the puppies. She also sent us weekly updates which included pics of all the puppies.

When we picked up our puppy, he was in the house and was playing with the other puppies and with Jenny’s two children. To my surprise, he was almost housebroken. We were also able to see and visit with our puppy’s parents (Lacey and Casper) that were both on site. Jenny had all of the paperwork and information for our puppy ready when we picked him up.

Our “puppy” is now two years old and he is just as loving and playful as ever. He also has the most beautiful, luxurious and soft white coat of fur. We have four small grandchildren and when they come to visit he plays very well with all of them. Our dog knows lots of tricks and is very adventuresome. He enjoys going in the wading pool in the summer and especially loves playing in the cold and wet snow in the winter.

We would not hesitate in purchasing another dog in the future from Jenny of Casper’s Ghostly Manor. Please feel free to contact us via email at if you have any questions about our experience in purchasing our puppy. The entire process went very smoothly and was quite pleasant with no hidden surprises.

My bed!
My bed!
Pool Time!
Pool Time!

Mike & Gail Zimmerman


My pup is doing great. I name him JC. My vet says he is one great pup…terrific personality and form. She says he has excellent breeding. He is Mr. Wal-mart door greeter when we are there. She also says he has a wonderful temperament. I have been training him for show. He can stand for examination, walks on leash and has a good time. Of course he is typicla eskie and prefers to be on 2 paws instead of 4 on the floor. He is very curious, smart and learns quick. I will send a picture as soon as I get them developed. I am old fashioned and use film as opposed to digital.

I would definitley recommend getting a pup from you.

Sharon Frierson and JC
Roxbury, VT


Hey Jen! We are all doing well here! Mickey can sit, lay down, and come on command. We just recently had some pretty bad storms and lots of flooding out here, but Mickey loved every second of it. We are attaching some pictures of him playing in the mud. Mickey gets a TON of compliments when we go out. Mickey loves to go on walks so people pay attention to him. He also enjoys sitting in the yard and watching the neighborhood kids play.

He is very healthy and almost done with all his shots. He is getting so big…so big he forgets that he can’t tackle the cat any more. But every morning Scooter and Mickey still play a massive game of tag and chase each other around the house. He is finally enjoying being outside now that it is getting cooler outside….and the leaves are falling so that is another fun game!

We absolutely love Mickey and we couldn’t imagine our house without him. Although I am sure Scooter misses all the attention! We are sooooo happy! Enjoy the pics!



My Awesome Pooch
Words can not say enough about purchasing my dog Harley from Jenn and her family, see my journey started 2 years before I purchased Harley. I purchased another American Eskie(Casper), I thought I found a great breeder but after he was born and I was able to pick him up, I would have left if my children werent with me. My first dog was very sick and my vet told me that on a scale from 1-10 he was an 11. So $3,000 later he was healthy and great. 2 years passed and I wanted another dog, I researched the breeders in this area and found Caspers Ghoshtly Manor. My first clue that Jenn was the person was when I explained to her my experience with my previous purchase and she listened to my concerns, I new that Jenn was the breeder for me when I asked her point blank are you a puppy mill and do you turn out sick dogs. She did not get mad at me she reassured me that she was not like my former breeder.
When the big day finally arrived for me to pick up my Harley, she encouraged me to bring my other dog Casper(i was impressed) When I got to her house there was my pup playing with her great kids and the other pups. I knew that I had made the right choice. Jenn took the time to talk to me and my husband and family, she even told me that my Casper had been breed with 2 different size Eskies and thats why he was so big( he was suppose to be a mini and he weighs 42 pounds LOL).
My Harley has grown to be a wonderful teenager(when he is not getting in trouble) He is 50 pounds and loves to play in the mud and this summer he tried to make friends with a skunk, He is very protective over his yard and family. He thinks that he is human he sleeps on his back with his brother in my bed and he loves to sleep on the deck on his favorite chair in the snow. He also loves to snuggle on his pillow in my bed. Harley was healthy and everything Jenn said that he would be and more. So I hope that if you are in the market to buy and Eskie that you contact Caspers Ghostly Manor. Jenn is a wonderful Breeder and person. For a personal reference u may contact me at
Denise Jogan
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Casper's Ghostly Manor
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Christina on Casper's Ghostly Manor
American Eskimo

I purchased my American Eskimo, Harley from Jenny 2 1/2 years ago and couldn't be more pleased. He is so smart, loyal, and is in great health condition. I would definitely recommend her to others looking an eskie.

by Deepa Sharma on Casper's Ghostly Manor
Dec 12, 2016 by Deepa Sharma on Casper's Ghostly Manor

I got my Eskimo this year from Jenny. It has been awesome so far. My pup's name is Pixie named after her beautiful mom. She is always a lot of company. She has no temper and is so sweet. She sleeps soundly during the night and does not bother anyone. Before I got her, Jenny helped us a lot with information. Jenny has been great help and a great person. We got the perfect pup that we wanted. We thank you Jenny for everything. You are our angel.

by Tamara on Casper's Ghostly Manor
Lesson learned: Ask Jenny First

Having grown up with an American Eskimo, I knew about their amazing temperament and good looks and that I wanted that breed. We travelled from Ontario, Canada to adopt our puppy from Jenny after reading many great reviews and answering her questionnaires (which assured me that she would not send a puppy home with just anyone). Jenny took the time to explain all the paper work she had for us, and gave us many useful tips for caring for our new puppy, especially on the long drive home.

We fell in love with Sadie right away, so when she became very sick the first night, we were devastated. It turned out to be a simple parasite (very common) that was easily dealt with. Neverless, as concerned pet parents, we spent a ton of money at the emergency veterinary hospital before figuring it out. In retrospect, what I should have done was call Jenny before freaking out. When I called her to let her know what was going on, she understood the symptoms perfectly and felt very badly that it hadn't happened on her watch. I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars by calling Jenny first - she could have told me how to start helping Sadie and that she could afford to wait until the next business day to see the regular vet.

Sadie is now a perfectly healthy 7-month old. She is playful, loving, smart and the most smiley dog you will ever meet. Can't imagine life without her!

by Tony Wang on Casper's Ghostly Manor

I get a eskimo puppy from here at June 2015, I give him a name: Max. for now, he is happy and no health problem comes out. Everything is going well, and I wanna thanks for giving me this little angel and keep me happy.

by vicki sinclair on Casper's Ghostly Manor

How can so much love be packed into one tiny little eskie? Done by the good Lord and Jenny. How darling my little pup is. The previous dog got his angel wings so Jenny delivered a piece of my heart back to me with C.W.

by Kathy King on Casper's Ghostly Manor
My Merriest Christmas

We lost our beloved Holly in August 2011 and swore we would never get another dog. The very next day I was on line looking for breeders and I found Jenny. Jenny didn't have any puppies at the time but invited us to drive to Ohio to see her Eskimos anyway. It was the therapy we needed. Before we got home we decided we had to have another puppy as soon as possible and phoned with a confirmation that a check would be in the mail the next day. We had to have another girl and she would be number 4. Well, soon after Tinkerbell was with puppies. I followed her pregnancy with Jenny all the way. On Thanksgiving Day Jenny surprised me with the news that the puppies were being born; four boys. I was devastated because I was all ready for another girl. Everything was ready and was pink. But Jenny called me back to tell me she thought there was one more coming. Viola! She told me "you got your girl". It was the happiest Thanksgiving we ever had. We were able to bring her home right after the New Year. It was the merriest Christmas ever. We can't love her enough. She is just beautiful, smart, loving and affectionate and has made our house a home again. Jenny has the most beautiful and perfect Eskimos. I wouldn't go to any other breeder for another dog. Now, we are thinking about getting Merry a little brother to have someone other than us to play with. As soon as I retire that puppy will be coming home, our home I hope.

by Joel on Casper's Ghostly Manor
Great puppies

I got my first Eskie from Jenny after a long search and review of American Eskimo breeders.

I settled on the Eskie after searching for a well-tempered, medium sized, easy to train dog breed from a reputable breeder.

Jenny was very prompt to reply to my communications. She provided really great answers to my questions, and did not hesitate to answer my questions that had to do with my fear that she was actually puppy mill before we had a chance to meet in person.

Jenny willingly gave me references of people who had purchased puppies from her before and these people I spoke with were thrilled with their dogs. Jenny also had no problem with me going to visit her home and meeting her and the sire and bitch of the available puppy litter. I met with Jenny, got most of my questions answered to my heart's content and reserved a puppy that I picked up two weeks later.

I can honestly say that she and her family are primarily interested in breeding friendly companion dogs. Her dogs have such great temperaments and this shows in my puppy Comet. He's so full of personality and is so playful, friendly, great with me and visitors and is turning out to be a wonderful companion pet. Be warned, this breed is so smart and willful, you have be quite firm with them or they will be your master! Eskie puppies have to be some of the most adorable fluff balls you've ever seen - I can't take Comet for a walk without being stopped every five minutes by people disarmed by the cute fluffy puppy walking by.

I would definitely adopt an Eskie again from Jenny.

by Denise & Harry on Casper's Ghostly Manor
A big Thank You

We love our Sophia so much. We drove from NJ to pick her up. Everything went smooth. You can tell that they care for and are proud of their puppies. They should be. Our Vet has said she is a healthy beautiful girl. She joins our other Eskies Marley and Lily. Sophia was trained to go outside from the very begining. Amazing. She is not only beautiful to look at but is so smart, interacts well with our other two, and is so very loving. She has gone from being the baby to being the guardian to Lily our 16 yr old. She is always checking on her and cleans her face. We could not have received a better puppy. Her disposition is a sweet loving girl with lots of energy and as we say "stuck on fire watch" always checking out anything that passes our house. Typical Eskie behavior. We feel very fortunate to have found Caspers Ghostly Manor. They put alot into their babies and it shows. I believe the care and love they receive from the start really makes a difference. If we ever get another puppy down the road it will be without a doubt from Jenny and her family. Thank you for the start in life you gave her, it shows through in who she is today.

by Faye & Shayne on Casper's Ghostly Manor
Back to Life

I was so upset after losing our almost 16-year-old Eskie Murphy that my fiancé tried searching for another to have by Christmas. There are so many places online, but Jenny was the only one who sent us a prompt and thorough response, which was so comforting and fitting since the new pup we wanted was born the exact same day ours died. We decided to buy from Jenny only after the 2nd email exchange, and lucky for us she was within a 6-hour drive – close enough for a weekend road trip. We watched Lacey’s litter grow up through cute photos and videos from Jenny. The 6 weeks flew by and soon enough we were playing with Lacey, Casper and the pups. Our new Baby Murphy chose us. He greeted us both without hesitation and has quickly brought our old Murphy’s amusing antics back to life. He’s so friendly and loving (with our 2 cats, our Chi and all of his adoring visitors) that you just can’t help but smile when looking at him.

by Bev Cirelli on Casper's Ghostly Manor

I contacted Jen McDermott after we lost our beloved Skye - an Eskimo Spitz who died at the very young age of 6 and was a victim of a puppy mill. Jen's kind words to me via email and meeting with her and her wonderful family and seeing how she truly cared about the pups confirmed she was and will be the only breeder we will ever use. We fell so in love with our original choice of Dakoda that we decided to purchase two - Dakoda and her sister Miya. They are beautiful and wonderfully healthy! Jen was also kind enough to continuously take the time to send pictures/videos of our pups until they were old enough for us to bring home.
This helped my entire family heal over the tremendous loss of our first Eskie! I would recommend Jen 150% and would be happy to confirm any of my above noted recommendations!

by Stephanie Baffone on Casper's Ghostly Manor
We love our puppy!

Jenny was wonderful! We had very recently lost our first Eskie and our house was so quiet we wanted to get a new puppy to bring life back into our home. Jenny was readily accessible and provided lots of videos and pictures of our puppy and her doggie parents in a matter of minutes after our initial phone call. She answered all our questions very quickly and in less than 48 hours our new puppy, Mia Angelica arrived. She was GORGEOUS! Very friendly, very adaptable to people and other dogs. The packet Jenny provided was very, very thorough along with a wonderful video about puppy training. This was such a pleasant experience and we will be back! Thanks, Jenny!

by denise jogan on Casper's Ghostly Manor
I am a great Dog

My Name is Harley and my parents bought me from Caspers ghoshly Manor, I was healthy and cute as a button when I was picked up, My Human Mom Denise is very pleased with her experience with Jen and her family, I have grown to be a troublemaker, I play in every mud puddle i can find, and I am a great watch dog, I never let anyone in my house except my people family I also have an eskie brother Casper and we love to play and have treats and we like to sleep in the snow in the deck. I am a Very good poochie and if my mom didnt have 2 dogs she would purchase another from Jen and her love love them